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Decisions can be overwhelming sometimes. Please feel free to contact me to discuss what is the most appropriate service for your needs.

Support Services


Individual Mental Health Counselling

Participants are provided a safe therapeutic space to grow through increased self-knowledge and emotional acceptance of their lived experience of psychiatric disabilities. Participants find methods to manage disorganised thinking, paranoia, delusions, panic and anxiety and lack of motivation in sessions. A person-centered approach recognises participants emotions & feelings about their mental health symptoms as "normal' human responses. Participants identify how goals can be achieved through therapeutic intervention in spite of their mental illnesses.Interventions include but not limited to motivational interviewing techniques, scaling, picture cards, strength & value cards, vision & goal striving principles.   


Psychosocial Recovery Coaching 

Psychosocial recovery is working collaboratively with people, acknowledging that each person is an expert in their own life. Coaching will assist the person develop goals, hopes and aspirations. It is a strength based approach that is underpinning by strong and respectful relationships. Each persons journey will be different. The recovery coaching also work in partnership with the persons clinical mental health services. 


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