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Recovering with Mental Illness.

Dedicated to Providing the best service for quality outcomes.

You are not alone. NDIS Counselling along your journey.


Michael Anderson understands that each individual's journey to recovery is a deeply personal process, as well as being related to an individual's community and society. A common aspect of recovery is said to be the presence of others who believe in the person's potential to recover, and who stand by them. Recoverlife is committed to increasing participants involvement with people in their community.

Recoverlife will nurture your hope, a sustainable belief in oneself, and a willingness to persevere through uncertainty and setbacks. A durable sense of Identity is often an outcome of my sessions. Recoverlife sessions will offer opportunities to develop healthy coping strategies and meaningful belief systems that foster optimal development of personal resources.

NDIS Services

Hello, I provide Counselling & Coaching services in your home or public spaces of your choice


  • Increase self-knowledge & emotional acceptance

  • Develop personal resources to manage symptoms

  • Improve daily living & life skills

  • Increase social & community participation

  • Skill development in a group 


Reg.Provisional 25995


Group Facilitator - Click Image for course preview

It's never lost, just harder to find


“I can honestly say, without Michael's support I would not be here today. He never judged me and always knew how to put my feelings into words. I was supported by Michael for two years. He helped me find meaning in my life again”


Lyndell, Thornside Redlands


“Very good counsellor. Helped me work through my Issues when I was confused, I felt that I could trust him and was very professional and supportive”


Krystle, East Brisbane

“Always consistent and reliable. I have been let down in the past by support workers but Michael was always there to assist with my support plan


Jeanette, Brisbane


“Michael understood me and could empathise. I was seeing a psychologist at the same time but found Michael to be practical in finding solutions to my relationship problems. Paul really opened up to him .”


Michelle & Paul Capalaba

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