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Recoverlife - Home & Community Working together towards Recovery.

About Michael Anderson


Thank you for paying me a visit. I have been working in the sector as a Community Mental Health Recovery Worker & Counsellor for the past fifteen years. During this time I have been supporting people to understand and overcome their personal barriers to a life worth living. I am Inspired by people everyday who want meaningful change in their lives. 

My work gives me insight into the range and depths of human nature and this humbles me everyday. It also keeps me aware of my own core values for a meaningful life. I value authenticity, honesty, self determination and humour. These are important attributes to my counselling style. 


I offer empathy through my willingness to connect with thoughts, emotions and feelings. This is done on a foundation of compassion and understanding for your experiences thus far.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Applied Social Science specialising in Counselling and a Health Science Diploma in Holistic Counselling practices. This gives me a round theoretical view of human nature and equips me with the right therapeutic tools required for your support. 

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